The Untitled Games Podcast

I’ve recently become involved in a new podcast project with some local gamer friends. The podcast is called “The Untitled Games Podcast” due to its relationship to a small community site that we’re all members of, Untitled Image. We’ve just recently released our first episode which was a lot of fun to record. Somehow I ended up recording it, editing it, recording the introduction after we scrapped the old one, and even making the music for the intro. No, I’m not trying to brag or anything – hopefully I’ll be less involved in some of those aspects in the future since the only thing I originally volunteered for was the recording bit. 🙂

The intro and outro music are hacked up bits from the first song I did with the Korg DS-10 for the Nintendo DS. It’s not particularly good (ok, it sucks!) but it was the only thing I had laying around at the time and we were trying to hurry to get this released. I would like say that it is purposely a little cheesy, with it’s chiptune like lead and simplistic, looping rhythm. Hopefully we’ll have something better the next time around though of course the novelty of using the Korg DS-10 to produce the music for a videogame podcast hopefully isn’t lost on anyone. 🙂

If anyone of you guys want to listen the pilot episode (opens iTunes!) I can’t say a whole lot for it but I think it generally turned out pretty good for being more or less spontaneously improvised. There’s a whole lot that needs to be improved but I’m confident that, as long as we can keep it going, it’ll get better and better at it until we have something very comparable to other, more popular podcasts. I’d definitely recommend checking out the second episode when it is released in the next few days.

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