Millions of Dead Combine

I finally finished my playthrough of Half-life 2 and its episodes last weekend. No, it didn’t take that long to play it – I just took long breaks between the game and the separate episodes. Half-life 2 has never been one of my favorite FPSes for various reasons but it’s damn good and it still holds up quite well, especially Episode 2 which I feel goes along way towards fixing the slow pacing of the original game. I can’t wait for Episode 3… or Half-life 3… or whatever. Anyway, enough blabbing… here’s some screenshots! As usual click them to view the full resolution versions.

POW! Right in the Kisser!
“POW! Right in the Kisser!”

Sometimes I just can't restrain myself...
“Sometimes I just can’t restrain myself…”

Poor bastard was standing in the wrong place when I downed the gunship!
“Poor bastard was standing in the wrong place when I downed the gunship!”

Just beautiful.
“Just beautiful.”


Just one more rocket!
“Just one more rocket!”


You'd almost think I'd remember this part wouldn't you?
“You’d almost think I’d remember this part wouldn’t you?”

Shooting saw blades never gets old.
“Shooting saw blades never gets old.”

About to be saved by Alex.
“About to be saved by Alex’s sniper rifle.”

We have liftoff!
“We have liftoff!”

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