SpaceVenture Ho!

With all of the recent Kickstarter madness going on the Two Guys From Andromeda, AKA the alter-egos of the creators of Space Quest, Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, have teamed back up to create a spiritual Space Quest sequel currently titled SpaceVenture. I’ve not really talked about it or reviewed it on here yet but Sierra’s Space Quest series is definitely one of my all time favorite, if not my absolute favorite, classic adventure game series so you can bet your ass I pledged to this project! I’m genuinely excited about the possibility of another fun, sarcastic sci-fi parody adventure being in my future. That said, the Kickstarter project is currently about half way through and has only raised about half the money it needs so far. I’m fairly sure that like most of these projects it’ll wind up pulling through in the final days but regardless if you love adventure games, particularly the Sierra classics, give these guys some support!

As an aside, I also pledged to the Leisure Suit Larry reboot Kickstarter. While never favorites of mine, those games really get a bad rap from people who’ve never played the originals and have some major misconceptions about the series as a whole.

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