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Self Similar is my current gaming handle of choice. I've gone by several others over the years, most notably "Trencher" which I use to use in lots of different games and communities but had started phasing out due to a couple of other people (not maliciously) posting under that name on prominent gaming sites. Maybe I'll delve into this topic further in future ramblings...

I'm not going to talk about my personal life a whole lot on this blog but I should at least say a little bit about myself I suppose. I'm generally a pretty nice guy who flops around between being very laid back and very anal retentive. I'm fairly creative and I've got quite an active imagination. I find humor in just about everything in life (sometimes to the point of annoying others) and as a result I like dark comedy, English comedy, and other, more esoteric humor. Stupid is good too! I'm in my late 20s which means I grew up in the glorious 80s, filled with both amazingly awesome and absolutely awful music, movies, TV shows, and of course gaming.

I live in the terribly exciting Northeast Tennessee area although I was not born nor particularly raised here. I do consider it my home, however, and have no immediate plans on leaving. I work for an manufacturing company in the Virginia, formerly as a PC and network technician and administrator, later a programmer, and currently as a network engineer. PCs are a big part of my life having spent a massive chunk of my younger years hanging on BBSes and IRC, gaming, programming, and often up to no good. Last but not least I love music - I dabble in making it and am a big fan of listening to it. I listen to punk rock, goth and industrial of all sorts, and the occasional bit of 'eavy metal.

Now that I'm done with all of that let's focus on the meat here... gaming! I feel it is pretty important to go over my system ownership history so that you might better understand where I'm coming from with some of my views and comments:

My first computer (and gaming console, if you will) was a Commodore Vic-20 followed soon enough after by the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System. I was obsessed, literally obsessed, with PC gaming of all types for a long time and eventually wound up getting a sweet, top o' the line 486SX/33 PC. While disappointed that I didn't get an Amiga I soon immersed myself in all PC gaming had to offer. Here I fell in love with point and click adventure games, text based games including BBS door games, and some of the first legendary FPS games such as Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. Of course I also played my fair share of Sims, Strategy games, and RPGs as well.

I somehow almost completely missed the legendary fourth generation of consoles around this time but I caught back up with a Nintendo 64 when the next generation hit. I pretty much lost touch with PC gaming for a while, making only occasional excursions into new games while also sometimes replaying my old ones. Sometime in 2002 I built a new PC with gaming in mind and have been back on the wagon ever since. I also own/have owned the Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360, GBA and spent plenty of time with the Saturn, Playstation, Gamecube, Playstation 2, Wii, DS and in the arcade as well.

My favorite genres would have to be old school side scrollers such as the Megaman series and Castlevania series. I'm absolutely fucking nuts over old school Graphical Adventure games, particularly the point and click, VGA variety. FPS games are good times though I'm especially fond of the Tactical FPS genre of games and the playing online thereof. I enjoy Text Adventure (AKA Interactive Fiction) games far too much. Like many people I'm also strangely intrigued with MMOs despite not actually liking any previous offerings all that much. My taste in RPGs is pretty selective though in general I'd say I'm a fan of the more western style, open world type games.

I've also got to let it be known that my older brother raised me into pen and paper RPGs and wargames and although I don't currently play anything like that they are certainly a huge influence on my gaming views.

I have plans to go into a lot more detail about my gaming past so expect to read a lot more about my favorite old school games and the like.

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