Twenty Twenty

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since December. Extra unbelievable considering I’ve had my next gaming log written for months now. Honestly, there are several overlapping reasons for why I’ve been slacking so much more than usual.

First and foremost, I started a second blog last summer that is geared specifically towards retro computing, particularly towards BBSing, which is something I’ve been heavily involved with since I was a teenager and still love today. This new blog aims, in part, to document my experiences related to some very esoteric subjects, such as programs I’ve written and projects I’ve been involved with, and that honestly feels like a more worthy use of my time. It doesn’t help that most of the regular readers of this blog (largely friends) have dropped off over time, while my new blog is slowly growing. This all led me to question whether I’d even want to keep going over here. I ultimately concluded that I still love putting together the quick “gaming logs” that dominate this blog, so I’ve decided to continue on with those and the occasional article (of which I’ve got quite a few on the back burner.)

That said, my new blog also covers more general retro computing subjects, and I’ve been tossing around the idea of moving my retro gaming reviews over there to take advantage of that growing niche audience. To complicate that, I’ve long wanted to post more of them, more frequently, but that would have to involve some kind of a major format change. Right now, they take way too much time to research, play through, and write up. I’m still trying to decide exactly what that new format might look like, but likely it’ll take a less structured approach, more closely resembling my gaming logs. Regardless of being my favorite part of this blog, retro reviews will always be massive time sinks for me, and with the time I’m spending gaming at a low lately, I can at least try to spend less time writing them.

I’ll post my long overdue next gaming log very soon. Thank you to all of those regular readers who are still dropping by, and to those of you who stumble upon this blog randomly and take the time to read some of my ramblings. ❤

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