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CoD Off Guard

So I bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360 at launch with the intention of playing the multiplayer a lot. I generally really enjoy the CoD:MW and it’s descendents’ fast, fluid, progression laden multiplayer, so like Space Marine before it I figured I’d hop into this one and have a ball with it online for a month or two. So far I’ve been enjoying it, despite me 1. sucking and 2. being a little surprised at how damn similar it is to Modern Warfare 2.

Looks shocking similar to other recent Call of Duty games, eh?
“Looks shocking similar to other recent Call of Duty games, eh?”

So anyway, random observation: I got into a lobby last night – nothing special about it, Standard Playlists>Team Deathmatch, etc. This game was different though – everyone was using like… teamwork and tactics? People were moving in groups, securing and holding areas before advancing, using covering fire and other suppression tactics, moving slowly instead of running around like morons, etc. It was totally alien compared to what I usually run into in Call of Duty, including in MW3 up until then. I’m really not sure what the fuck was going on… it was like I somehow ended up in the middle of a clan match or something, only that did not appear to be the case by looking at their clan tags. Anyway, having played a fair share of “serious” tactical games and clan matches, I actually found my niche and ended up doing quite well in that match, though afterwards I continued to reap the rewards of my curse of usually doing fair to excellent in my first match of the night and getting utterly slaughtered for the rest. *sigh*

In other news: OH MY FUCK SKYRIM IS OUT!!! 😀